Steps to get swimming

1. Go talk to the coach or representative of the swim team and schedule a tryout.


2. Go to the tryout. Wear the right gear: one piece, dark, swimming suit for girls and jammer for boys, latex/silicone swimming cap and goggles.


3. Stay calm and do your best. We aren't too scary. 


4. Be proud of yourself if you make it! If you don't make it try, try, try again!


5. If possible, try and get into shape before you try out. Just try running around the block a few times or do arm and leg workouts. Trust me; it will be a lot easier if you're already fit.


6. Also, you might want to get into a swimming pool during the week before the swimming tryout to get the right feel for the water; running keeps your muscles in shape but not your stroke.




Ask for help from the coaches if you want to improve a stroke, they LOVE to help and it is always better to know what you need help on. There will be a lot of endurance sets, which means A LOT of swimming, so be ready. Swimming is not as easy as some might think!


Try it for a week and see if you like it. You might find that it is not for you. Swimming isn't for everyone. Be sure you don't hit your head on the bottom of the pool and be sure that you don't hit the wall!


*Dues needs to be paid by the 5th of each month

*Checks made out to ICAT

*Cash-in labeled envelopes (Name,phone number,amount)

*$30 a month*Hand Dues into Coaches by the 5th of each month

*Have your swimmer bring the check to practice




ICAT Swim Team